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Victoria Rothschild | September.1.2015

Our Artists:

Lanty Ball (Ceramics), Gary Betts (Sculpture), Luke Bishop (Ceramics), Editions (Glass), Catriona Faulkner (Mixed media textiles), Kari Furre (Metal and fish skin), Andrew Logan (Mixed media sculpture and jewellery), Brett Manley (Glass), Jessica Noble (Fine jewellery), Alex R (Glass), Mia Sarosi (Ceramics) and Toby Winteringham (Fine furniture).Andrew Logan - Tribute to Dali BrettManley.JigsawPlantDishes Panda Woman copy Mia SarosPrime Numbers Jar lukebishop_espresso cups w pouring vessle (sml) Lanty Ball, Detail of carving on parian vessels Kari Furre Hanging Bowl-cod Editions Cutler Lifestyle Catriona Faulkner Baroque skull ADJUSTED Jessica Noble, Reflect Hand Ring, 2

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