In a reunion of design, craft and industry, FACTORY brings together Benchmark and 1882 Ltd, with events co-hosted by The Future Laboratory. With new designs by Lindsey Adelman, Max Lamb and Kiki van Eijk among others, Benchmark & 1882 Ltd will share their love of making and deep knowledge of process and material through hands-on demonstrations and interactive displays.

Immersed in the sights, smells, sounds and buzz of industry, craftsmen will demonstrate the processes involved from raw material to finished piece. Visitors will be encouraged to get their hands dirty and to touch and smell the material from wood, bone and clay.

From The Future Laboratory’s historic Spitalfields home, the ground floor courtyard will be a functioning workshop with a ‘relax and recharge’ space serving food and drink. Throughout the week there will be a programme of engaging talks curated by The Future Laboratory, a world leader in inspiring and future-proofing organisations through a unique blend of trend forescasting, consumer insight, brand strategy and innovation.


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