For London Design Festival 2016, Ace Hotel London and Modern Design Review are returning with Ready Made Go 2, presenting a new collection of products and events, boasting original works by a cross section of London’s most exciting designers. This year’s second round of specially commissioned objects will be introduced and installed at Ace Hotel London. Rather than being displayed on plinths, the pieces are integrated into the fabric of the hotel and shown in the positions for which they were intended – London Design Festival attendees are invited to experience the products in use and in doing so contemplate their commission, making and function.

Ineke Hans has also curated the informal though-provoking panel-discussion HYBRIDS at Ace Hotel London on Monday 19th September, with Piet Hein Eek, Max Lamb and Yael Mer (Raw Edges) moderated by Max Fraser. For further details see here. The event is free – rsvp needed here.

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