Starting at Bums on Seats at Ally Capellino, 9 Calvert Avenue, pick up your Shoreditch Triangle Map.

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Cross the road to the rural haven in the city, Harvest at Luna & Curious.

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Head down to Redchurch Street to visit Tracey Neuls and stop in for a bite at Burro e Salvia. They have Italian regional produce and egg box inspired light shades for sale.

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Further down Redchurch street you’ll find Aesop Shoreditch, hosting a lighting installation by Listen Studio of their ‘Column Lamps’. Using cast jesmonite bases and fluorescent bulbs.



Present on Shoreditch High Street hosts an installation by Cheich with his ‘Cactus House’.

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SCP‘s ‘Special Relationship’ celebrates the new wave of American design, with Fort Standard, Ladies and Gentleman and Lostine amongst others.