71a Gallery’s The Working Artisans’ Club is a feast for the eyes from those who like working with their hands. Six artisans – among them a hand-screen printer, a discarded rubbish salvager and an expert in hand-crafted camping materials (more wooden spoons!) make up this homely exhibition which re-focuses our attention back to the simpler things in life.


Inspired by the legendary Jack O’Neill, maker of the first ever wetsuit, this event aims to encourage the next generation of makers and glorify those already taking (and making) their futures firmly in their hands.

We loved Jade Tomlinson a.k.a Expanded Eye, magical, spindly illustrations connote twisted fairy tales and nautical picture books.


Down the road, Uniform Wares launch their new 104 Series and 351 Series watches along side a photography exhibition 12 Details. Huge, striking canvases of individuals including Nick Abrahams, an Independent film maker, Sheridan Coakley, founder of SCP and Erica Dorn, Food Entrepreneur.

Photo by Ed Reeve

The show features people who exhibit Uniform Wares’ meticulous attention to detail in their own lives.

Photo by Ed Reeve

The rainbow coloured highlight of Leonard Street was Donna Wilson’s 10th Anniversary Show. A celebration of 10 years hand-crafting in the UK, Donna’s installation at the ICN Gallery is a multicoloured menagerie of her trademark quirky animals, as well as gifts and limited edition collectables. The exhibition is a refreshing retina-blasting explosion of colour that will appeal to children and adults alike.



Material offers a vast selection of shiny, happy books and posters.  On Tuesday, the shop played host to rising star Poppy Chancellor, a 24 year old Kingston graduate with a penchant for paper cutting. Her beautifully intricate designs have been featured in both Vogue and Elle, and members of the workshop were treated to a Bompas & Parr jelly whilst whittling away at their paper cuttings. Sounds perfect.


Design duo brose~fogale have taken over Start’s shop windows this month, showcasing key pieces of their clean-lined furniture set up in a chic tableau of a Start shopper’s dressing table. Artfully littered with female essentials – Diptyque candles, gold bangles, art books, teapots and sunglasses – brose~fogale’s linear aesthetic corresponds neatly with Start’s minimalist styling.