A unique evening dinner experience inspired by “the black gold”—as pepper was often referred till Middle Ages. Specially organised for the Perfume, sir? exhibition by renowned Italian food designer Arabeschi di Latte in collaboration with Trangallan, one of East London most interesting gastro/cultural spaces, the two night only event are a unique chance to discover and be amazed by the various and mysterious attributes that pepper can bring to your dinner. The three courses dinner includes a welcoming Pepper cocktail. While specially wine and drinks from the bar will be available throughout dinner thanks to Spanish wine masters Casa Mariol. Pepper power!

The Golden Canteen (That Doesn’t Glitter)
2 courses+dessert, incl. 1 welcome drink
Please note seats are limited to a happy few, therefor booking is essential.
Early birds tickets, booked before 10 Sept: £36
Ticket booked after 10 sept: £40

Book now: Wednesday 18th Sept.
Book now: Friday 20th Sept.