And the team is now complete….

Father ( a music composition and sound design studio) answered our Instagram advert to create a soundscape for the London Design Festival installation on Hanbury Street – by the miracle of social media they are a perfect fit and are working away creating something great as I write this.

As the overall design has developed it dawned on both us at ABO and Karmer that sound was becoming an intrinsic part to the installation so it was really important to find the right collaborators .

Freddie Webb and Joe Farley set up FATHER as a composition and sound design studio working in the area of film and installations. They come from  different schools of thought; Joe’s background was in  a sound art where as Freddie’s musical education and early years are more traditional.

Some of their commercial work includes work for Cos, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Camper and Nike.

You can hear some of their work on their website