Living in a Material World is an exhibition taking you on a journey of experiencing materiality through all the five senses. Launching in collaboration with One Good Deed Today.

22nd – Opening Night (invitation only)

23rd – Touch
Amy Congdon 1pm – 2pm
Will Yates-Johnson 3pm – 4pm
Dean Brown 6pm – 7pm

24th – Sound
Hayley Louisa BrownBRICK Magazine 1pm – 2pm
Booker Printhouse wood block printing workshop 3pm – 5pm
NTS Radio live performance 6pm – 8pm

25th – Smell
Design Marketo 1pm – 2pm
Amy Radcliffe 3pm – 4pm
Kyugum Hwang 6pm – 7pm

26th – Taste
Save the Date Cafe palette test 1pm – 2pm
Miriam Ribul 4pm – 5pm
Whispery Savoury 6pm – 7pm

27th – Sight
Zuzanna Gombosova 1pm – 2pm
Matteo Fogale & Laetitia de Allegri 3pm – 4pm
Melanie KingSuper Collider 5pm – 6pm

Matter-Polyspolia Matter-Scentography Matter-Whispery SavouryMatter-Biological Atelier