Reiko Kaneko Studio Glaze Vases
Reiko Kaneko Studio Glaze vases stand with the Boat Vase – another new addition to her range.


Since moving to Stoke-on-Trent three years ago, Reiko Kaneko has been exploring the endless possibilities of reactive glazing and its rebellious use on fine bone china – so prized for its pure whiteness.

Exploring Glaze held at Elementary Store on Redchurch Street  will showcase some of her most successful experiments. For the first time, a full spectrum of uniquely glazed vases will be on show available for visitors to choose their favourites.

The exhibition will feature a range of stark geometric fine bone china vases, designed to act as a canvas to show off the reactive glazes. The vases’ regimented shape alludes to the methodical process of testing, firing and re-firing to develop each of the unique finishes. Areas of pure white bone china left on the designs preserve some of that prized whiteness and create sharp contrasts to the vibrantly coloured glazes.

More information on what inspired the collection can be found on the Reiko Kaneko website as well as details on the Hula Jewellery Collection which will also be on show at Elementary.

Dezeen also recently took an in depth look at the story behind the exhibition – you can read their piece here “Reiko Kaneko Exploring Glaze”.

Times & Location

Exploring Glaze at Elementary will be open:
Saturday 19th  11am – 6pm
Sunday 20th  11am – 5pm
Monday 21st – Closed
Tuesday 22nd late opening – 11am – 8pm*
Wednesday 23rd – Saturday 26th 11am – 6pm
Sunday 27th 11am – 5pm
*The exhibition will open late on Tuesday 22nd along with a number of other venues in the Shoreditch Design Triangle.

Both vases and jewellery will be available to buy at Elementary during the exhibition.

77 Redchurch Street
E2 7DJ

reiko kaneko studio glaze vases
A trio of some the unique Studio Glaze vases that will be in the exhibition
Reiko Kaneko Fine Bone China Hula Jewellery
Reiko Kaneko’s Fine Bone China Jewellery Collection – Hula – Will also been exhibited including unique Studio Glaze editions of the Necklaces and Earrings.

Gold Hula Reiko Kaneko Fine Bone China Jewellery