noshowspace is taking part in Shoreditch Christmas Triangle with Sera Tansel Unlimited by Serra Tansel, hosting a special late night shopping event on Thursday evening 10 December with the launch of a new Unlimited Protest Product.

Sera Tansel Unlimited is an auto-biographical exhibition of unlimited reproductions of non-existing works. Reproductions of unsung songs, unsent requests, untaken photos of loved ones… As their originals do not exist, these reproductions simultaneously exist as their own originals, equally authentic or fake and equally accessible. The works on display are unlimited reproductions as such there is no value in the artwork beyond it’s consumer price, they are available to purchase at ‘everyday prices’ playing with consumerism and financial values.

To find ideas for the perfect, affordable, consumer product from the Sera Tansel range, visit us at noshowspace or take a look at our online shop.

Exhibition runs from 13 November to 13 December 2015. Open Friday-Sunday 12-6pm. Special opening Thursday 3 & 10 December, 6-9pm.