During The Shoreditch Design Triangle 2017, the Tea Building in Shoreditch became home to 100 Prints by British artist and colour consultant Sophie Smallhorn.


Famed for her use of colour and shapes, Smallhorn’s exhibition was a sea of pattern, brightening up the cold industrial interior of the building. It was no surprise that within just a few days of being open, the exhibition had almost sold out. Each print was marked at £300 and screen printed by hand.

Print, Sophie Smallhorn.

Smallhorn has had a variety of high profile projects over the years, such as the colour pallet for London’s Olympic stadium in 2012, the huge glass roof in London Victoria and the colour bands that run through Canary Wharf’s Jubilee line. These large works contrast nicely with her 100 prints exhibition. Unlike her large block colour work, the prints were full of detail and overlaying patterns. The works explored the relationships between colour, volume and proportion.

100 Prints, Sophie Smallhorn.

Smallhorn’s work is experimental and relies a fair deal on chance due to her method and chosen mediums. As well as making prints, Smallhorn is well known for her sculpture. These pieces echo the experimental nature of her 2D work, playing with forms and colour. After graduating in Brighton in 1971 with a BA in Furniture – wood, metal, plastics and ceramics she now exhibits internationally. Smallhorn’s exhibition this September as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle was a joy to experience. It was small yes, but playful and unique.


Smallhorn currently lives and works in London.