The makers at Lozi work tirelessly to reduce our waste, minimise our environmental footprint and use nothing but the eco-friendliest products available. Though our waste was already lower than the industry average, we were not satisfied.  That is why we came up with the £9.99 collection.  A beautiful, practical and ethical collection of small products, all made by repurposing our offcuts and materials wasted during production.

Our environment is precious and we waste too much in our every day lives.  This collection aims to challenge our approach to waste, viewing it as full of beauty and potential rather than disposable and unnecessary.  By imagining creative ways to re-use and re purpose it, we can further minimise our impact on the environment and reasses our daily consumption in the process.

Lozi's £9.99 Collection - The perfect stocking fillers this Christmas

These clever pieces are designed to be elegant objects, useful in everyday life.  The same care, quality and attention to detail expected from a larger Lozi piece can be found in this collection, giving a new lease of life to materials that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Inspired by the incredible efficiency of a technique called “Sheet Nesting“, used by makers from the 1950’s for cutting plywood pieces, as seen in Christopher Wilke’s inspiring new book  on plywood, each of these seven pieces has been specifically designed with a waste material in mind.

The Magic Ruler, Morabaraba GameCoasters and Mini Plant Pot are all made from pieces of plywood boards we use to create in the majority of our made to order pieces.  We have recently been using Smile Plastics amazing sheets of recycled single use plastic products for some bespoke orders, and the white coasters are made from remnants of those sheets.  The Picture Click is made of solid oak from the legs of the Rio Chair and Shelving System, the Bag Handle and Wall Flower from pliable sheets of veneer used to create the curved joints in the shelving system and as decorative veneers in many pieces.  The test tube from the Wall Flower is the only piece in the entire collection that had to be bought specifically.

Lozi's £9.99 collection, entirely made from repurposed waste materials. As seen in the Sunday Times.

Each piece is priced at £9.99, with a special Christmas mix and match offer of 2 pieces for £18 or 4 pieces for £35, including delivery if purchased online.

Beautiful stocking fillers that help save the environment, it is guilt free Christmas shopping with Lozi’s £9.99 collection.