Rose Electra Harris will be showcasing ten one-of-a-kind etchings at Modern Society in London from July 2018. Over a three month period, customers can purchase limited edition works, available exclusively in store.

Rose Electra Harris (b.1991) is a London-based artist, specialising in both etching and screen-printing. Since completing her BA Hons in Printmaking at Brighton University in 2015, Harris has gone on to collaborate with the likes of fashion house Shrimps, Liberty London and Somerset House.

Harris explores the interior, what fills the space and what makes home home, creating dreamlike and vibrant interpretations of domestic spaces around her. Using decorative motifs, intricate patterns and a vivid palette, Harris’ work forges a personal story, bringing every day details to life.

Since developing her craft, Harris has a adopted a process called Chine-collé using Japanese papers, with highly decorative patterns fusing the art of collage with traditional etching methods.  

“I start everything with drawing simply in black ink. I won’t start with a preconceived idea of the interior or space but I will begin with an object – like a chair or a vase – and then work my way out from there. I like to fill the space with decorative or functional objects that either fill the everyday home or the dream home. This drawing will then either translate into an etching or a screen-print but never exactly the same composition. It could also be left simply as a drawing.”