It is fitting that Shoreditch Design Triangle takes place in September – the start of autumn, when the temperature begins to drop and the daylight hours decrease after a long, sunny summer.

It’s the time of year when we start to think about cosy nights at home in front of the fire with family and friends.

Visitors to the Glen Dimplex Flame Studio will get a feel for that comfort, experiencing the wide range of electric flame technologies that help create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

It’s just not in the home where electric flame is causing a stir.

Our own research has found that architects and designers believe that there are several benefits to including flame installations into their designs. These benefits include; the creation of a comfortable atmosphere, the perception of warmth it creates, and a feeling of trust.

Despite these benefits, the majority of respondents (79%) were concerned about using real flame in their projects. Health and safety was the biggest issue (46%), followed by energy efficiency (39%), and cost (32%).

This is hardly surprising given the prevailing attitudes towards pollution and improving air quality, especially in London, with the changing legislation around the use of open flames in commercial spaces.

However, if presented with a safer option, 53% of designers and architects would be willing to include flame effects more frequently in their designs.

We believe that electric flame technology can provide the answer – whether in the home, hotels or restaurants – without needing to compromise on aesthetics, or having to worry about cost, efficiency or health and safety.

Know more about our electric flame solutions, drop by the Glen Dimplex Flame Studio, during the Shoreditch Design Triangle (14th to 22nd September )