Cidrerie Stassen

Cidrerie Stassen

Cidrerie Stassen is a beautifully crafted cider, available in 750ml bottles, which appeals to a more discerning cider drinker, and perfect for sharing.


It originates from Belgium’s Aubel Valley, which has a heritage in cider-making going back to 1895 and a reputation for traditional craftsmanship.


There are 3 elegant premium ciders in the range:

  • Brut 7.4% ABV

Brut is a blend of the finest apple varieties with a touch of pear juice. It is an exquisite sparkling cider with a pale golden hue, woody notes and a smooth finish.

  • Rosé 7.4% ABV

Rosé is made using unique red-flesh apples and has a distinctive, pink hue with subtle notes of red berries.

  • Grand Cru 8.2% ABV

Grand Cru is made with the delicate fresh juice of the Aubel Valley apples, and has elegant bubbles and a long fruity finish.


Best served chilled in a flute with a side of Joie de vivre




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