BEAMS & CO presents Uncovering the Scent with Timothy Han

BEAMS & CO presents Uncovering the ...

By Ace Hotel- 9th May 2018

Timothy Han, the founder behind unconventional fragrance brand TH/E, will demonstrate how to create olfactory stories. Starting by de/reconstructing Han’s fragrance inspired by Kerouac’s novel On the Road, participants will have a chance to craft their own stories in fragrance. Participants will see the On the Road fragrance deconstructed and be given the opportunity to reconstruct it themselves by changing the balances between the stages of the fragrance. They will then have an opportunity to craft their own stories in fragrance. Participants should attend with a copy of their favourite novel.

Canadian born designer Timothy Han, a former assistant to John Galliano, established his fragrance brand TIMOTHY HAN / EDITION in late 2014.

Dissatisfied with the overwhelming number of marketing-led fragrances that lacked personality, Han created original fragrances that challenged traditions. Han soon built a reputation by literally turning fragrances on their head with the use on inverted scent pyramids and redefining the way fragrance unfolds on your skin.

Ace Hotel,
Shoreditch High Street,

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9th May 2018 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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