Design, craftsmanship, and climate change

Design, craftsmanship, and climate chang...

By Calyah Ltd- 20th September 2022

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20th September 2022 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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"Tranquebar is a means of communication, a bridge between people of different cultures, history and contemporary experience in faraway continents".

Boris Berlin

tranquebar talks_Boris Berlin

design journey dialogue

Tranquebar design journey

“Designers, on the contrary to craftsmen, are working with a whole chain of other people so you have to mediate your message. Craftsmen used to keep a tradition, so they look backwards, they are keepers of tradition. In any tradition, craftsmen are keepers, designers are destructors or disruptors. The designer works from tradition whereas the craftsman hands down tradition through generations,”

Boris Berlin


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