How Encaustic Cement Tiles are Made

How Encaustic Cement Tiles are Made

By Mosaic- 12th September - 20th September 2020

Have you ever wondered how encaustic cement tiles are manufactured?

You may know, or have heard, that they are handmade. Yes, each cement tile is made, one by one, by our specialised craftsmen. The colour layer is not printed nor painted, as could be imagined, but a mixture of pigmented cement that is poured into a pattern divider, which is fitted within a mould of the desired tile shape and size.

On our website we have a simulator where you can choose between different patterns and colours in order to design your own bespoke cement tile. Each area of the pattern is a separate area on the pattern divider that will be filled with a cement mixture in your chosen colour. When the pattern has been created, the pattern divider is removed and semi dry cement is added before the cement tile is pressed together. It may surprise you that the tiles are not baked in a kiln, but go through a natural hardening phase by air drying for approximately 3 weeks.

Can bespoke tile patterns be created? Yes, of course. All you need to do is send us your idea and we will manufacture a completely new divider according to your design.

Have a look at our manufacturing video to see the full process. Feeling inspired? You can design your bespoke cement tile here


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