Private Viewing: Eve De Haan presents DISTRACTION

Private Viewing: Eve De Haan presents DI...

By notjustanotherstore- 13th February - 13th January 2018

To mark the centenary of a landmark in the campaign for women’s suffrage, Eve De Haan presents a body of work that hopes to encourage dialogue on the representation of women in the media. Through the various communication channels that are used to reach us, projections of women can be misrepresented. The media can be an instrument for change but it depends on who is piloting the plane. This exhibition is a middle finger to the distractions disrupting us from reaching our full potential and a celebration of an alternative focus.

Eve De Haan is a London-based artist who has exhibited her work across in Europe and in America. Her degree in Theology has informed and influenced her work, developing a strong body of installations which examine concepts of change and the imprint technology makes on youth culture.

Her creations are provocative and challenging. Through her love of the written word Eve delves into the concepts of gender roles, and the gradients and shades of meaning within a statement. Eve finds neon an ideal medium to explore the expression and the changeable nuances within the words so readily used in society today.


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13th February 2018 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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