Fundamentals of Caring Exhibition

Fundamentals of Caring Exhibition

By Hart Shoreditch- 16th September - 24th September 2023

Hart Shoreditch is set to take the design world by storm as it unveils its immersive exhibition in partnership with the incredibly talented East London-based artist and illustrator, James Daw. Get ready for an exciting journey that will awaken all of the senses! Welcoming inquisitive minds to the whimsical wonderland of the Fundamentals of Caring Exhibition; expect the foundations of the interior design at Hart Shoreditch to be shattered into tiny pieces, revealing an interactive adventure like no other. Join James, the mastermind behind it all, as he teams up with the amazing 4D animator Lisa Sheehan and the talented photographer/art assistant Anna Rotar. Together, they’ll bring this masterpiece to life!

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