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Jan Hendzel Designs & Installations ...

By Town Hall Hotel- 17th September - 25th September 2022

Unveiling at the London Design Festival in September, Jan Hendzel Studio has reimagined the design of two suites for Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. The newly designed suites will combine unexpected spatial design, functional pieces, sculptural elements and their signature textural finish, transforming the spaces into a tactile, gallery-like experience; aiming to blur the lines between sustainable design and luxury hospitality.

Once the Bethnal Green Town Hall, the Grade ll listed building was reborn as the Town Hall Hotel. Design- led with many artistic touches, it is a feast for the eyes throughout. They’ve historically worked with local brands and supported the community through various partnerships and events and this collaboration with Jan Hendzel Studio is an extension of this. It will act as the first of many future collaborations with other likeminded, neighbourhood brands to build a community of creatives around the hotel and house an eclectic selection of suites, each telling their own unique story.

In this project, Jan Hendzel Studio and Town Hall Hotel wanted to strike a balance between play and comfort. Where a traditional hotel room might encourage total introspection that takes the visitor away from their surroundings, these suites invite touch and stimulate creative interaction with the pieces. Texture and sculptural finesse are two striking signature characteristics of Jan Hendzel Studio’s furniture designs. You will find smooth curved edges on coffee tables, ageing cracks in young green wooden sculptures and hand-carved grooves on mounted mirrors. It’s in these details where the hand of the maker is most evident.

Beyond the monolithic furniture pieces that Jan and his team have crafted, there are smaller and more subtle interventions to notice, too. From alcoves that house televisions and little walls that divide the space to the unexpected curves found when you open up a drawer. These all create new vistas so you can notice the details from different perspectives. Some pieces are evident; others are meant to be discovered.

Jan Hendzel Studio’s collective expertise in materiality and their curiosity in texture means a timber-first mentality when redesigning the apartments. There will be a softness to the space; a sensuality found in the muted tones of the timber they’ll use, from the richness of brown oak, the creaminess of ash and the pale pink tint found in London plane – the capital’s street trees, sourced from just outside Denmark Hill station. You’ll see accents of colour, but the palette of the natural world takes centre stage. The suites will also showcase Jan Hendzel Studios’ new furniture collection, launching in conjunction with the project.

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