Private Viewing: Luc Waring x Not Just Another Store – The Garment as Canvas

Private Viewing: Luc Waring x Not Just A...

By notjustanotherstore- 15th March 2018

In his London studio, Luc works with layers of paint and mixed-media on canvas as an expression of pure energy and human spirituality.

His practice evokes the jazz-age concerns of improvisation and visual syncopation, incorporating symbolism from the streets, the everyday and the fashion industry to dramatically re-imagine the images we see every day and, as such, take for granted.

The Garment As Canvas is a celebration of creativity between painting, fashion and the everyday. The source materials for this exhibition range from a 1970s Dior campaign to today’s Vogue content.

Waring’s major source of influence comes from today’s metropolis, since advertisements make up the large majority of the images we see around us. As Duchamp used the urinal as his everyday ‘ready made’, Waring explains: “I use the most commonly viewed phenomena in our environment: advertisements. To me, these are internationally relevant ‘ready-mades’ of today.”

His style has evolved from his roots in Street Art and Pop Art to his more recent love and respect for the ideas and style of Abstract Expressionism and European Modernism.

This exhibition of paintings and one off painted garments illustrate Waring’s journey as a professional artist, both stylistically and conceptually.

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