Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers

By NID- 14th September 2019

Meet the designers while exploring NID’s pop-up store and tasting natural birch syrup and Estonian craft beer!

During this year’s London Design Festival, NID launches the Estonian-Finnish Design Showroom, bringing together up to 30 sustainably-thinking designers and artisans from the neighbouring countries. The pop-up store will open its doors at 32 Charlotte Road from 14 to 22 September as part of Shoreditch Design Triangle.

On the very first day of our showroom, you will have an opportunity to meet some of our designers – jewellery designer Saimij (FIN), womenswear and product designer Margot Vaaderpass (EST), textile designer HERTTA (EST), homeware and art studio miskes (EST/FR), fashion designer Kairi Lentsius (EST) and ceramist Eva Spoof (FIN).

We have teamed up with Kasekunst, a unique birch syrup producer, who will introduce their products during the evening. Of course we will also serve refreshing drinks, including Estonian craft beer.

Come and celebrate our first day of opening!


Saimij jewellery is made entirely out of tens or even hundreds of layers of handcut paper. The colours of the jewellery change gradually when turned around. The high quality paper used in the jewelry collection is acid free which guarantees the product’s longevity.

Margot Vaaderpass

Margot Vaaderpass is a product and fashion womenswear designer. Her first fashion collection is an exploration of how can fashion move towards a more grounded and environmentally sound system using materials from carefully chosen natural sources.


WOH (run by Margot Vaaderpass) designs furniture and accessories intended to strike a balance between functionality, pure Nordic aesthetics and sustainability. Embracing and employing traditional handcraft techniques alongside with unconventional solutions give the minimalist designs a homely feeling of warmth. WOH products are made of PET felt, which consists of up to 70% of recycled plastic.


HERTTA is a knitwear brand from Estonia that is specifically focused on creating garments for enduring the cold Nordic climate. HERTTA works with wool, the archaic material, shaping it for contemporary lifestyle and everyday necessities. Every piece is carefully made to measure for the client, taking into account client’s unique requests and needs.

Lentsius Design

Lentsius brand has two sides in it – collection of accessories and conceptual fashion design. When it comes to garment design, Kairi Lentsius is most intrigued by new shapes, incorporating technologies, new materials and sustainability. Behind the Lentsius Design accessories collection you will find daughter and father – Kairi and Mart Lentsius. Together they create Scandinavian chic and timeless everyday pieces, suitable for men and women. Within her works, Kairi loves to stay true to the principle of “Less is More” and to investigate new combinations of material and shape.


Miskes is a french-estonian designer duo based in London. They make simple, beautiful, thorough, and long lasting homeware that support an honest, ethically sourced and ethically made philosophy. “We believe in products that have a story to tell, a purpose and duty to fill while being good for the planet”.

Eva Spoof/Udumbara Studio

UDUMBARA is an earth-friendly pottery established by Eva Spoof, creating sustainable eco-energy powered wild-clay ceramics. UDUMBARA pottery products are made from wild, natural clay from the small village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland. By choosing this local raw material Udumbara wants to emphasize the unique and ecological value of wild clay.


Kasekunst makes natural birch syrups, free from all additives. The only ingredient that their syrups contain is pure birch sap. The birch sap naturally contains about one per cent of sugars, as well as a rich variety of different minerals, vitamins and other antioxidants. The sap is freshly collected and concentrated via evaporation with the help of innovative modern technologies. The collection of sap with modern methods does not harm the trees or their habitat and is a sustainable way to draw upon natural resources.



32 Charlotte Rd,
London EC2A 3PB

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Event Times

14th September 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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