Open For Business

Open For Business

By Tucktite- 18th September - 24th September 2021

For some inexplicable reason there’s an adult size play shop in the middle of the studio. It’s going to host a daily product launch, talks to support @Illustratorsfair, live demos like ACTION PAINTING, and the odd tea party.

The concept was to build a Regency stylie pound shop. Studio Tucktite will be launching an editioned new product each day over the nine days of London Design Festival. These objects are designed to be desirable, be provocative, resonate emotionally, and challenge our need to consume. It’s a pound shop, so everything will start at £1. Bid on what you desire via eBay and watch its value soar.

Visit in person to view the products then bid for what you want online.

Creative anarchy scheduled for each evening. Follow @tucktite on Instagram for updates that will tempt you to come along and join in.

3rd Floor 3 Westland Place N1 7LP

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