PLACE by Meta Studio

PLACE by Meta Studio

By brightzine- 18th September - 26th September 2021

Meta is a slow jewellery studio, we take data gleaned from experiences to design thoughtful bespoke pieces of jewellery. During Shoreditch Design Triangle 2021, Meta launch PLACE at The BRIGHT Store.

This new collection commemorates special places. Using the geographical coordinates of your most memorable location, every piece will be unique to you. Taking inspiration from the compass, the size of each pie shape featured in the design are determined by angles of longitude and latitude. Every ring, necklace, earring and cufflink has a dot which points North and a dimple which points South, so you can always find your way to your special place

Each date is turned into this geometric shape with our bespoke algorithm. That shape is 3D printed, cast in precious metal and carefully hand-finished. With no two pieces the same, each piece is masterfully produced in Birmingham UK’s prestigious jewellery quarter. 

For more information and other collections, head to meta-stduio.co.uk



268 Hackney Rd,
E2 7SJ

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