Shining Zoo by Nico Chacon

Shining Zoo by Nico Chacon

By RB12- 6th December 2018

Three years ago Nico gives birth to his extensive project “Shining Zoo by Nico Chacon” which is the result of his creative mind and autodidact spirit. After 3 years, he has created an entire universe of shining sculptures of animals with more than 50 handmade art pieces completely sold out internationally, and with commissions in waiting list.

Nico is in continuous development with new materials and ideas and his shining universe includes a range of products including handmade ‘shining’ t-shirts which will also be available for sale.

Currently, Nico is expanding this project with new forms and designs without abandoning his own style which has proven extremely successful. The exhibition showcases three brand new pieces from the Shining Zoo universe.


About the artist

This multi disciplinary artist born in Venezuela who started his artistic career as a theatre actor, later moved on to Madrid where he developed his career further as a screenwriter and director in the short film ‘Letizia’. More recently living in Amsterdam and currently based in Luxembourg, his unstoppable creativity and exploration of other artistic media led him to sculpture.



The Christmas exhibition will also include artworks from:

Award winning Dani Dalopo is a young Andalusian artist based in Seville (Spain) who has now exhibited internationally and has become a well known name in the emerging Spanish contemporary art scene. His style combines influences from cubism and Picasso with street art techniques. His impactful works have been sold around the world and this is a unique opportunity to have access to purchase his artworks in the UK.

One of the best known names in the London Street Art scene, SR X, will also be featured in the exhibition. His murals are among the most photographed in London and his style with elements of pop-art, irony and technicolor sarcasm has underpinned his great popularity. His very limited edition of works in wood panels will be available for sale during December.


Caroline’s career spans half a century. With an extensive production and long periods living 
in China, her artwork presents a universe full of carefully crafted and delicate details. Her vibrant colours and big format artworks offer an exciting and exquisite addition to any art collection.

The exhibition runs from 6th of December till 9th of January in RB Twelve, Design Shop, Shoreditch Village, 6 King John Court, London EC2A 3EZ open Monday-Saturday 10.00 to 18.00.


6 King John Court London EC2A 3EZ

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Event Times

6th December 2018 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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