SPECTRUM by 2LG Studio

SPECTRUM by 2LG Studio

By Hart Shoreditch- 27th August - 30th September 2024

Hart Shoreditch has partnered with 2LG Studio, for this year’s London Design Festival 2024. Together, they will create an immersive exhibition, SPECTRUM, using the hotel’s spaces to bring an inclusive exploration of colour to life.

2LG Studio, founded by design duo, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, is celebrating 10 years of their design ethos with an emotional exploration of colour. This unique use of colour across their design work has been at the core of their work while their adaptable, personal approach addresses the human needs of each project, blending form, function, and material joy. Hart Shoreditch is excited to join the London Design Festival and the Shoreditch Design Triangle to echo the area’s unique creative energy and innovative design scene.

SPECTRUM will be an imaginative, sensory journey through Hart Shoreditch, exploring human and personal connections to colour, evoking memories and inviting conversations. 2LG’s chosen collaborators for their immersive installation include composer, Quentin LaChapele, digital artist Lucy Hardcastle, 3D print pioneers, Sheyn, utilising their new eco textiles and vegan leathers. Through video projection, 3D printing, bespoke upholstery, evocative scent and a rich soundscape, Hart Shoreditch further establishes its position as a creative home in Shoreditch.

For this transformative exhibition, bringing colour to life and drawing people in through emotional connections to colour, the form of a chrysalis will be explored. An icon of transformation and growth;

‘The chrysalis, The empty shell, Roses in my mother’s garden, Dark into light. Fear into joy.’ 

As you walk in the lobby, the full spectrum of 2LG’s colour palettes will be used, branching off into specific moments of colour in different settings of the hotel; on the stairway, the main lobby and in the Hotel Lounge. Culminating in an immersive digital film in the Hotel Lounge, with a euphoric soundscape, guests are invited to experience a moment of bliss in a wonderland of colour.

Originally trained in theatre, collaboration is central to 2LG Studio’s design ethos. Their award-winning work in design have established them as influential voices and their book, Making Living Lovely, defines their “Joyful Minimalism” style.

The sensory experience uses bespoke scents, music, sound and digital art to ignite your own inner passion for colour and open a conversation about memory. Reconnecting to his past training at the Royal Academy of Music the soundscape combines spoken word by Russell Whitehad and music by composer, Quentin LaChapele that pulls threads of 2LG past into their future.

Always inquisitive in their approach to design, 2LG have continued their collaboration with Vienna based, Sheyn. Launching an exclusive new design as part of their Edge collection of vases. They will also be launching a new light, called Peach, that transforms a painful childhood memory into a moment of beauty. New materiality and bespoke upholstery, hand crafted, by local company, will bring the hotel to life, providing the perfect backdrop for 2LG Studio’s celebratory designs.

Join us for this colourful celebration and prepare for an awe-inspiring journey through 2LG Studio’s extraordinary design during the London Design Festival 2024.


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