Studio Tucktite Bursary

Studio Tucktite Bursary

By Tucktite- 18th September - 26th September 2021

We are delighted to announce that Hazel Pitre has been awarded the 2021 Studio Tucktite bursary The intention behind this award is to be inspired by the eclectic collection of over 1,000 reference books in the Tucktite library to create a new acquisition to be added to the collection.

Hazel Pitre is an illustrator and artist book maker working from Southampton, UK. Her artists books and book objects are held in private collections, and in Winchester School of Art’s Artist Book library. 

Hazel’s creative practice focuses on narratives – how we express and share these to create connections. The materials  and forms she uses are informed by the stories being told. This allows her books to break away from traditional book formats.

Place and surroundings play a strong part in Hazel’s work- the experience of being at a unique cross-section of location and time, and the exclusive “knowledge” that creates; connecting with others who have also shared the location, time, or both. 

The proposed artist book design for Studio Tucktite will draw connections to the locale between the Tucktite library and Moorfields Eye Hospital opposite (on the “Horizon” of the library site)- through which medical and technological advancements have allowed people to continue to see (into) their futures. 

There will be opportunity for visitors and spectators of the design festival to make a mark at this cross section in time, and share their visions – what’s on their horizons – on a 38mm acrylic lens. These interchangeable lenses can then be used with a set of Optometry glasses – so others can “see” these visions as though through their own eyes. 

The glasses and lenses will be kept collected in a box in the Studio Tucktite library, to be “opened” and “read” by others for future referencing


Studio Tucktite 3 Westland Place London N1 7LP

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