The Fifth Quarter – Land, Leather, and Design

The Fifth Quarter – Land, Leather, and D...

By Grady + Robinson- 20th September 2022

As part of Grady + Robinson’s exhibit “Leather from British Pastures” (a display of objects, material, and imagery connecting leather with regenerative farming), this talk will explore links between material culture and exemplary agriculture. 

The “fifth quarter” refers to all the bits an animal yields beyond its meat, including the  hide, bones, and organs. Considering the care and resources that regenerative farmers invest in their livestock, hides are a valuable part of the herd. 

This talk will explore how leather can be a link to regenerative practices that improve the welfare of animals, ecosystems, and communities. Grady + Robinson are producing a new supply of leather made from cattle raised on regenerative farms in the UK. They will describe their approach of creating new production networks, exploring the challenges and opportunities of their venture. They will be joined by Jimmy Woodrow of Pasture for Life, who will describe the benefits of regenerative farming practices; and Jack Millington of Billy Tannery who will expand on his work forging new connections from farm to finished leather. 

Made possible with support from the Leathersellers’ Company and Rochelle School.

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20th September 2022 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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