The Illustrated Design News

The Illustrated Design News

By Tucktite- 18th June - 21st August 2022

The ambition is to create a feed then a journal where image communicates the story with all the power that only illustration can convey.

We’ve started commissioning illustrators to document the various events and exhibitions that Illustrators’ Fair and Tucktite produce. It’s working. The results are a dynamic, diverse and unique perspective that adds rich content to the original idea rather than merely recording it.

Illustrators, we need you to step up and step forward to rise to the challenge of illustrating events, shows, pop-ups and design gatherings.

Curators, producers and brands, we need you to embrace the potential of richly communicating your product by collaborating with and commissioning an illustrator.

Cultivation is in progress. Follow @illustratorsfair and #illustratedeesignnews for updates, opportunities and outcomes.

Image: Green Grads at Grand Designs Live illustrated by Jane Smith. May 2022.



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