Unlocking the Code of Colour & Light

Unlocking the Code of Colour & Light

By Atrium- 16th September 2019

Join us for lunch as you explore the power of colour and light.  Unlocking the Code of Colour explains the relationship between colour and light.  Natural light renders everything in true colour, allowing us to see the full breadth of the visible spectrum.  Artificial light attempts to emulate this but there are limitations and bias.  Our RIBA accredited presentation explores colour through its three states – illumination, transmission and perception – the known physiological and psychological effects that colour and lighting have on the human condition and describes the evolution of LED as the leading sustainable artificial light source. This 40 min presentation with Q&A answers questions such as ‘how can a light source affect our perception of colour’? and ‘how can a light source compromise an environment’ and ‘how can it be used to enhance an experience? We identify the key factors architects and designers must consider when specifying or using LED lighting.


0208 681 9933

Atrium Ltd | 28 Leonard Street | London | EC2A 4BY

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16th September 2019 12:00 am - 1:30 pm

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