Weird & Wonderful Things From Around the World

Weird & Wonderful Things From Around...

By travelthingsmuseumcic- 14th September - 22nd September 2024

Join us on a thrilling adventure through global cultural wonders with our collection: ‘Weird & Wonderful Things From Around the World,’ also featuring six special invited showcases. So get ready for a wild ride this year at LDF with us!

The Travel Things Museum, based in London, is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the marvels of global travel, discovery, interaction, and cultural exchange. Our mission is to create exhibits that showcase the beauty of ‘Things & Stories’ we uncover on our journeys.

This year, our theme highlights ‘Weird & Wonderful Things From Around the World,’ showcasing the incredible diversity and peculiarity of our globe. It offers a glimpse into fascinating phenomena, traditions, and everyday cultures that make our world so much fun. Our collection ranges from a mysterious item discovered in the icy winters of Oslo to treasures from an abandoned village in Oman, from a pack of Chinese propaganda tea to a pair of intriguing Vienna postal keys.

We’ve invited six unique collectors to exhibit their remarkable lifetime collections and share their stories, journeys, and passions behind them:

1. Flyswatters Collection from Rotterdam, presented by Iza van Riemsdijk. Iza shared, “My flyswatter collection began in 1989 with the purchase of a beautiful flyswatter during a holiday in Japan. It was a pink butterfly-shaped one with a little bow tie and a tiny pincer made of two small wings in the handle. A lot of effort was put into making this beautiful piece of fly-killing art!”
2. Airlines Memorabilia by London-based American collector John Abbate. John shared, “My collection consists of items from the seat pockets of airlines from the 1970s and 80s, including luggage tags, ticket folders, address labels, vomit bags, and safety information cards. Many of these airlines are now extinct, making these pieces relics of a bygone era.”
3. McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys: Courtesy of Martin David Clark, residing in Cyprus. Martin shared, “They’re not ‘antiques,’ although those in my collection date from 1985 to 1995, making them over 20 years old and thus ‘vintage.’ “
* There will be a fun crowdfunding event during the exhibition where you can purchase any of these toys for just £10 each.
4. Stencils & Lettering curated by London-based designer and lecturer Oswin Tickler. Oswin shared, “On any trip to another country, one of my first stops is always the stationery and hardware shops, on the hunt for stencils to add to my collection.”
5. Antique Cream Pots: Sourced from Cumbria, UK, offering a nostalgic journey through culinary history, presented by Martin David Clark. Martin shared, “I fell in love with cream pots quite early on because of the underglaze pictures of cows and rural scenes; it was hard to believe they had once been thrown away.”
6. The National Costume Doll collection, curated by Cardiff-based Audrey Sant, presented by Nicki and Simon Hancock. Audrey shared, “In 1958, my father flew to Belgium to visit the Expo 58 Brussels World’s Fair and brought home my first doll, a Belgian lacemaker. From then onwards, I collected dolls until I married in 1966.”

There’s more! Take our traditional Curiosity Quiz for a chance to win a special gift. Don’t miss our exclusive museum production of six stunning short Drone Movies featuring breathtaking views of China, South Korea, Palau, Iceland, South Africa, and Lesotho, created in collaboration with renowned VFX artist Robert Millin. Finally, explore our on-site Museum Concept Store, where a curated selection of beautiful and intriguing objects awaits you, all designed to enhance your ‘Travel Things’ experience!

This is our Travel Things Museum LDF24 team:
Alica Hsiao | Bernica Lin | Cecilia Kuo | Hugo Zhen | Huihsuan Iris Chou | I-Jou/ Zoe Lin | Ilene Hsu | Jane A Che | Jasmine/ Sheng-Man | Lee Wang | Melody Chen | Ning Chiou | Serena Chan | Sophie Chen | Sylvia Liu | Vic Yuan Yi | Weiyun Ning | Yi Ting Huang | Xinan Ning.
We’ll be there to welcome you all.


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