“What’s on your horizon?”

“What’s on your horizon?”

By Tucktite- 2nd September - 26th September 2021

You are invited to submit an image you have specifically created as a response to the question “what’s on your horizon?”

“What’s on your horizon?” A potentially contentious question responding to recent change and ongoing uncertainty. It’s a straight forward question that provokes complexed and diverse answers. It’s a good question to ask at this unique moment as we move towards reinstatement and reinvention of ‘normal life’.

After an unexpected period of enforced slowdown there’s been time to reflect, to question and to reassess. What has become important? What has become a priority? What is now an aspiration? Where do you want to be? Where do you need to be? Each proposition comes with its own subtle nuances that need to be expressed, acknowledged and collated so we can understand and perhaps steer where we are heading as the world begins to speed up again.

“What’s on your horizon?” is a straight forward question being posed to artists, illustrators and designers in order to generate a collection of unique responses. Working on a square format that incorporates reference to a horizon line splitting the square exactly in half, each contributor will have the freedom to depict their response to the question in any way they like.

During London Design Festival a crowd funding campaign will be launched to publish selected “what’s on your horizon?” images. This will be a pack of loose unbound square cards to be playfully laid out in any sequence to create a continuous landscape of ever changing narratives, comparisons, connections and contradictions.

Create an image in any medium that represents “what’s on your horizon?”

This square must include reference to a horizontal line that splits the format exactly in half. This can be depicted as a drawn line, through tonal or colour blocking, through the positioning of forms and shapes. This is open to interpretation but remember that the device is to give an illusion of a ‘continuous landscape’ when several finished compositions are laid side by side.

The image is to be submitted digitally to tucktite@gmail.com along with your name, Instagram handle and an optional caption.

Submitted entries will be posted as part of an online exhibition on the @tucktite and @illustratorsfair feeds during London Design Festival.

Selected entries will be included in a crowd funding campaign run to a profit share model with surplus funds after all production costs are met shared with all participating contributors.

Deadline for entries:
Sunday 26 September



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