FP&Co is a furniture brand based in London, working with highly skilled craftspeople in the UK to create beautiful and well made pieces which will last for generations.

In the 1950s my grandfather opened a furniture store; Finn Pettersen & Co.
Some of my earliest memories are from his workshop in the basement of the store where he would restore and mend furniture for his customers. I can distictively remember the brass upholstery nails scattered about the work bench, the smell of finishing oils and a simple set of well used tools.
This continued with my father taking up cabinetmaking later in life, keeping the family spirit for well made furniture alive until the next generation.

FP&Co is inspired by my grandfather who ignited this spirit.

Magnus Pettersen, Designer & Director at FP&Co


FP&Co was founded by designer Magnus Pettersen in a pursuit to design and create furniture pieces without compromise. Gaining an MA from Central St. Martins in Industrial Design, followed by an extensive career working in the product and furniture design industry, Magnus has now set out to create his own collection of furniture pieces through FP&Co, tirelessly honing each design and working with highly skilled craftspeople in the UK to create furniture of exceptional quality.
Magnus also works as an independent designer and works on design collaborations with other brands.

FP&Co believes in creating furniture pieces which will stand the test of time, both in terms of design, craftsmanship and using the appropriate materials for the job at hand. We strive to create timeless designs which are comfortable to live with and will last for lifetimes. We do not define ourselves as contemporary or traditional, but believe our furniture sits confidently in both classic and modern interiors.

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FP&Co: Brand Launch


FP&Co: Brand Launch

FP&Co is a new furniture brand created by the designer Magnus Pettersen.

18 - 26 September

London Design Festival 2021


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