Mitre & Mondays

Mitre & Mondays

Mitre & Mondays are a London-based studio designing and manufacturing objects and spaces that help connect people to the material world around them.

Founded in 2019 by Finn Thomson and Josef Shanley-Jackson they are a full service studio with experts in both designing and making; storytelling and world-building.

Mitre & Mondays utilise methods for designing that are wholly appropriate for the times we live in. Designing for disassembly, reuse & repair. Going beyond sustainability, they focus on the social and environmental impact of production, building on their knowledge of circular systems and regenerative materials.

Resourcefulness with fixtures, assembly and the relationship between the two – how things can be put together and taken apart – allows their work to tow the line between permanence (built to last) and impermanence (built to adapt), offering up a different perspective on what it means to reclaim, reuse and reimagine.


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