Wires Glasses

Wires Glasses

Wires Glasses invented by Yair Neuman is an innovative eyewear brand revolutionizing how eyewear is made and worn.

Wires Glasses feature unique invisible patented hinges which fold as a result of geometric alignment, an engineering achievement the most innovative in the eyewear world. Light yet strong, Wires Glasses are the ultimate in modernity and comfort. Offering ranges for both men and women, all sunglasses are fitted with exceptional high-quality Carl Zeiss in gorgeous colours.
Inspired by African artistry, Wires Glasses’ luxurious stainless steel frames are designed in London and manufactured with surgical precision in the Dolomites, at the heart of Italy’s luxury eyewear tradition.
Wires Glasses are redefining eyewear: a unique invisible hinge mechanism, 3D printed rims and freely adjustable temples not only put the wearer at the forefront of innovation, but also offer an inimitable comfort level.


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